TO:                  Secondary Principals


FROM:            Karen Clarke


RE:                  Guidelines for Voluntary Summer Extracurricular Activities


DATE:            June 2, 2020



Schools may open their athletic fields and facilities, effective June 8, 2020, under the following circumstances.


All activities must be supervised by a properly certified teacher or coach employed by ACPS.  Any volunteers in a supervisory role must have a volunteer form on file and may not supervise students by themselves.


As always, student participation is entirely voluntary.  Participation may not be a prerequisite for membership on an interscholastic team.  All athletic participants must have current sports physical and parent consent (FHSAA forms EL-02 and EL-03).  For any officially school sponsored sports teams, participation in out of county camps or activities as well as competition against other teams is not allowed 


Students must bring their individually marked water bottle.  Water refilling stations will be supervised.  Students should be encouraged to bring a towel and an extra set of dry clothes.


Prior to Activity


All participants will wash their hands with soap and water.      


All participants, coaches, teachers, students, will have their temperature taken upon arrival. Anyone registering a temperature above 100.4 may not participate in the activity.  


Students will be asked if in the past 14 days they have:  been exposed to anyone with COVID-19; travelled out of state; or are experiencing cold or flu type symptoms.  Anyone answering “yes” to any of these questions may not participate until cleared by proper medical authority. 


A daily log will be kept to document the results of these checks. 

During Activity

Social distancing of six feet should be observed whenever practical and feasible.  When students are not actively engaged in drills, conditioning, etc., they should not be allowed to closely congregate.  Masks should not be worn during physical exertion but may be worn, if desired, during rest breaks, etc. Water breaks should be frequent (don’t neglect the danger of heat injuries) but arranged so there aren’t large groups congregating and waiting their turn to hydrate.

All equipment will be sanitized regularly.  Weight equipment will be sanitized after each student’s use.  Other equipment will be cleaned as much as possible and at a minimum after each session and at the end of the day. 

Coaches should limit the number of students simultaneously using restrooms, and locker rooms, (depending on size), should be limited to no more than 10 students at a time.  Restrooms and locker rooms must be sanitized daily.

After Activity

Students need to leave campus at the conclusion of the day’s activity and not loiter in large groups.  Students awaiting transportation should recognize social distancing. 

Clean and sanitize all equipment, secure facilities, and file daily logs documenting student daily health checks.

These guidelines will remain in place until July 24, 2020.  Guidelines will be reviewed, and possibly revised, pending new information from federal or state executive orders.

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